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Comments on "Change Log"
Sandy hole
Feel free to comment here on my story at this link if Dreamwidth is inconvenient.

Thanks for reading!

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I suppose from the corporate point of view as long as people are paying there's only so much fixing they're willing to do.

The pine trees and butterfly were beautiful, until they quickly turned repetitive and a bit terrifying.

I think that the narrator is going to find that, even if winning against the vultures is possible, life in a digital world is a poor imitation. Thanks!

Amazing world. It was gripping, terrifying and yet fascinating. Felt like a reality show. I would love to read more. Superb take. Marvelous :)

It really could be a reality show, come to think of it. Dang. What if the outside world gets to see broadcasts of this? The souls of our departed fighting to retain consciousness in a world after death for our own amusement? That's twisted as heck--that's your idea!

The "watcher" and premium members getting what they want, gave me that feeling of reality show. So basically you just subconsciously put it there :) I just noticed it. Hope we get to read more of this world.

Fascinating and unique. Like The Matrix meets What Dreams May Come!

I have an abiding love for both of those things, so that's probably why the idea took root. Thanks!

Wow. Utterly enthralling and provocative. I really enjoyed this tasteful and unique reinvention of the dystopian future conceit.

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