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Comments on "The Cycle Breaker's Song"
Sandy hole

Feel free to comment here on my story at this link if Dreamwidth is inconvenient.

Thanks for reading!

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I really enjoyed this take and the various endings that Marileth designed for the players. It hooked me right from the start , I initially thought its a time travel superhero fiction, but this was much better than that :D

Amazing take! Good job.

Thank you! I was going to write her as a more depressive character, but then she just started to kill players and couldn't get enough.

Thank you for including this link! It was very thoughtful.

I enjoyed your entry very much, the game episodes and the game review (negative - very funny) plus the Spellsoft material, particularly at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was very creative.

Really enjoyed writing in the nerdy genre-bending side bits like that review. Couldn't figure out why Marileth just kept screaming basic things if she was supposed to exhibit machine learning, but then it turned out that it was just an overall kinda shitty fantasy world.

Thanks for reading!

Ahhh! Awesome!!

I played WoW for a long time, and occasionally I did consider what it must be like, the repetitive life of an NPC.

Good for Marileth, attempting to control her destiny. This was a terrific piece!

I'm glad you get it. Can't even imagine what a normal human would be like if they were forced to repeat the same 5 or 6 actions of an NPC's entire existence.

Since you'll probably appreciate it, the idea came when I started to think of nightmare inducing oddities like this--what causes a character to misbehave in such a chilling way:

I'm so glad that you made an LJ link where we could comment easily, because THIS STORY WAS AWESOME!!! I was totally sucked in, and it only got better to see that the game company eventually rewarded her, even if they scrubbed their servers clean of her.

Thank you for this. I no longer have a DW account.

It took me awhile to figure out what was going on as it's been an age since I played anything like this, but once it made sense in my brain--totally my brain's fault--I enjoyed it, especially the notes to players.


This is fun. I figured out the game part pretty quickly, and it was fascinating to see how Maribeth would get around each fix, while still spouting the same lines.

Also, the baker who overloads customers with thousands of loaves is brilliant.

I think this is my favorite entry of the week. I particularly like the details of the baby only being useful as a paperweight, and the malfunctioning baker (also malicious, but not as clever as Marileth?). Congrats to Marileth for successfully destroying the world.

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